Thursday, May 19, 2011

Undercover Mouse Cat Toy

This Undercover Mouse is great!  @BorisKitty @kittehboi on Twitpic

Leslie scraped together a few dollars to buy a great toy from for Mr. Breeze. It's called Undercover Mouse.

Undercover Mouse is a battery-operated electronic device with a wand that spins around under a sheet. It really gets us going. As accomplished huntresses, Chilipepper and I both know there's not a mouse under there but what the heck, it's fun to chase the wand, bat at it, and jump on the sheet to hold it down. The motor tolerates this behavior with no problem at all. We haven't managed to break the wand yet and the 3 AA batteries last a lot longer than you'd expect.

Breezy doesn't know as much about hunting so he crouches a few feet away and follows the motion with big excited eyes.

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