Monday, October 29, 2012

Bugs Bunny - My Bio

I was born feral in June 1999 and lived in the wild with my mama and fursibs. I'd wrassle with my fursibs, mama would feed us, we'd sleep and then we'd wrassle some more. We were learning to catch and eat insects. Sometimes mama would bring us a deer mouse to play with. It was a good life.

Then one week everything changed. A human set out a Havahart Trap and caught us all! I was scared at first, but I quickly learned that humans dispense food every day, no hunting necessary. It doesn't rain inside humans' houses and there are lots of soft places to sleep. It was a good life.

After a few weeks my fursibs started disappearing. The human was taking them somewhere! Then one day she brought me here to live with Leslie, Bryan and Miss Chilipepper. Chili was very sad over the loss of her brofur at that time.  She didn't like that Leslie and Bryan didn't consult her before bringing in another cat. I teased her like crazy! (I still do sometimes.)

Sisfurcat Bugs Bunny first photo September 1999. on Twitpic

Chilipepper and I hunted quite a bit in the backyard. I am a fearsome huntress and she helped me perfect my death bite. Chili doesn't hunt that much any more but I'm still a killing machine at 13 years old. Sometimes I'll let her or our younger brofur play with my catch of the day.

I am a fearsome huntress! on Twitpic

I have Ninja skills. I can climb a chain link fence and walk along the top of it carrying my latest victim. I can climb trees. I can climb a ladder. There are plenty of voles and field mice in the yard and the occasional bunny. I perfected a hunting method called The Mole Stab for catching moles as they run through their tunnels.

#Ninja Bugs on Twitpic

As I get older I prefer to stay near home. There are plenty of voles and field mice in the yard and the occasional bunny or mole and lots of places to sleep. It's a good life.

Lazy @sisfurcats Bugs Bunny on Twitpic

Update 11/26:
I forgot to mention that in 2007 a lost and starving little boy cat waited outside for me every day and followed me around while I hunted. He didn't seem to like anything I caught. The humans let him in the house and and now he is brofurcat Mr. Breeze, also known as @kittehboi.


  1. And to think you could have been left for feral! Now you are a cherished member of the family.

    1. Purrrr Living with the humans was difficult at first and they have a bunch of stupid rules pertaining to food - which I mostly ignore. The best part is curling up on a human to sleep.