Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Custom Reiki Crystal Grid Layout #reiki #reikipawcircle

@Robyn Harton made a Reiki Crystal Grid layout for me, Chilipepper. I've been very ill and am enjoying lots of reiki. The extra power from a crystal grid will help lots. Leslie already has a crystal grid but it is nowhere near as nice. Robyn's drawings add a new dimension, creating a resonance with the chakras for advanced healing.

I would order additional stones that are specific to my needs such as Lepidolite, Lapis and Hematite. Robyn is an expert in crystal and stone properties and uses. She can help you with that. The crystals are infused with reiki for extra energy.

Great for setting up a mini crystal Reiki grid to keep in your home or office for blessings of spiritual healing, positive energy, or your other need. Comes with a set of five quartz crystals.

Made to Order - Each One Is Unique

-- Robyn

Mini Reiki Crystal Grid Layout for Chilipepper

Drawing for Reiki Crystal Grid

-- Chilipepper

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  1. That Robyn does such beautiful work. That is a gorgeous piece.